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The Benefits of a Full-Body Muscle-Building Program

By on September 20, 2015

If you want to pack on lean muscle mass in a hurry, one thing that you should definitely be making sure to do is use a full-body muscle-building program.

Far too many people, especially men, feel that a body part split is the best way to go. While this split may work for a very small group of people, generally speaking, you will get far greater results if you choose a full-body workout instead.

These workouts are not just for beginners as so many people believe. Even the most advanced trainees can benefit from the full-body workout set-up. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why this is the split that you want to be using.

The Details:

  • They save time. With a full-body workout, you need to be in the gym three times per week total.
  • They elicit a greater testosterone response. Full-body workouts will cause a high level of testosterone to be released because of the fact they are working so many muscle groups in the body.
  • They enhance your strength best. Since you’ll be using mostly compound movements in the full-body workout, you’ll see the greatest strength gains.
  • They hit your body with the highest frequency rate. With a full-body workout, you’ll work each muscle in the body three times per week – more than any other set-up.
  • They offer plenty of time off for recovery. The full-body workout will provide four days for rest and recovery – more than every other program.
  • They allow more time for other activities. If you’re involved in any sports, the full-body workout will provide ample time to get these games in throughout the week.
  • They prevent overtraining. Since a three-days-a-week plan is going to provide so much time off, your risk of overtraining will be much lower.
  • They are great for all skill levels. Beginners all the way up to advanced trainees can benefit from full-body workouts.
  • They are good for those who have poor recovery systems. Since there is more down time, naturally thin individuals or older individuals will find they recover better with this approach.
  • They keep your metabolic rate higher. Since the workouts work so many muscle groups at once, they will boost your metabolism, helping you stay leaner as you go about the muscle-building process.
  • They reduce declines in motivation. Since you don’t have to be in the gym daily, you’ll find your motivation stays stronger.

The Bottom Line:

Despite what muscle magazines hype, don’t discount the full-body workout program so quickly. Remember that it is going to be one of the best ways to not only pack on lean muscle mass, but also to help improve your strength as well. There is a wide variety of different ways you can go about structuring a full body workout so be sure to look at the options available and make your selection from there based on your own personal preferences and goals.



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