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The Best Foods for Building Muscle

By on September 20, 2015
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Ready to pack on some more lean muscle mass? If so, you need to start thinking about which foods you’re eating on a daily basis with your diet plan. What many people still do not realize is that seeing success with their muscle-building goals is about 80% diet, only 20% workout.

You can have the best workout in the world, but if your diet isn’t up to par, you aren’t going to see the lean mass gains you’re after. Since you can’t build something out of nothing, you must provide the raw materials that your body can generate more muscle mass with.

For those who are building muscle, unlike those who are looking to burn fat, you will need to take in more calories than you burn off daily so that the extra fuel can be used to build that lean muscle mass. If you fail to provide this, you are just going to stay the same size.

All of the foods that you focus on to build lean muscle mass should be higher in calories but still loaded with good nutrition.

The Details:

  • Salmon is a perfect protein source because it’s high in protein and high in omega fats, which are both vital for muscle-building results.
  • Nuts are calorie-dense, a great form of healthy fats and a small dose of protein and fiber. Snack on these throughout the day for faster results.
  • Natural nut butter. Just like nuts, natural nut butter should be part of every diet plan to build muscle. Smear it on as much as possible when you need to get your calorie intake up.
  • Whole wheat pasta. Pasta is a great source of complex carbohydrates for around the workout session. Choose whole wheat so it breaks down slightly more slowly in the body.
  • Whole wheat bagels. A perfect post-workout carbohydrate source, these will help you get your calorie intake up fast. Try them with light cream cheese, nut butter or hummus.
  • Avocados are one of the best fruits to eat for muscle building because they will supply you with a good dose of healthy fats as well as dietary fiber.
  • Whole eggs. Don’t chuck the yolks! While you don’t want to load up on six whole eggs per day since they do contain cholesterol, one or two can help to get your calorie intake up and make sure your testosterone levels are where they need to be.
  • This healthy fat is an easy add to any protein shake to boost your omega fat intake.
  • Raw oats. Eat oats raw like regular cold cereal for a fast calorie boost and a great source of energy. They’re also great for pancakes, muffins and homemade protein bars.
  • Bananas are a good muscle-building food as they’re high in carbohydrates and also rich in potassium.
  • Cottage cheese. This food breaks down more slowly in the body so it will provide your muscles a steady release of amino acids for a long period of time. Eat it right before bed.

The Bottom Line:

So there you have the best foods for building lean muscle mass. If you aren’t currently eating these in your diet plan, now is the time to look into how to best add them in. By shifting the focus to these foods, you can jumpstart your progress and make sure that you are constantly seeing the size gains you’re after.



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