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Top Tips for Successful Goal-Setting

By on September 20, 2015
Top Tips for Successful Goal Setting

Setting the right goals in your sight is one of the most important things to do if you want to see fast results with your workout program. With no goals in place, you might find yourself going through the motions at the gym with no clear objective in place.

Being able to learn how to set proper goals is one of the top secrets of success that you must know. Your motivation will stay higher, your gym adherence will be better, and chances are you will reach those goals far faster than you would have if you didn’t have them in place.

Good goals give you a very clear path of action so that you can develop your game plan to follow to get you from point A to point B.

Let’s go over some of the main points that you must know if you are going to be setting smart goals for yourself.

The Details:

  • Be specific. Get as specific as you can with your goals. The more specific you are, the more easily you will know when you have reached your goal.
  • Make the goal measurable. When the goal is measurable, you’ll be more clearly able to see if you have in fact obtained it.
  • Set a firm timeline. Don’t let yourself procrastinate. By having a timeline in place, you put more pressure on yourself to actually carry through and do what you need to in order to reach that goal.
  • Tell others. By telling other people what your goals are, you help to keep yourself more accountable. Tell someone close to you so that they can check in every now and then.
  • Make them realistic. It’s great to have lofty goals, but don’t go overboard. If you don’t keep those goals realistic, chances are good that you will just feel defeated as you follow your fitness program.
  • Set mini goals. While having one large long-term goal is great, be sure to set some mini goals to reach along the way. These will serve as stepping stones along the path to success.
  • Make sure you goals are attainable. If you don’t have the resources to reach them, they aren’t realistic goals.
  • Keep a goal journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings along the way so that you mentally stay motivated to reach them.
  • Set rewards. Having a reward in place if you do come through and reach your goal can help keep you inspired to push onwards.
  • Visualize success. Take 10 minutes each day to lie somewhere quiet and visualize yourself reaching your goals. Doing so can help increase your drive and motivation to attack them full speed ahead.

The Bottom Line:

So there you have the main points to remember about smart goal-setting. If you don’t have goals in place right now, you should definitely take the time to plan targets so that you aren’t losing out on potential progress.


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